Where is my revenue and why is there money in "other commission revenue"?

These oddities can tell you one of a number of things

When Total Revenue is showing as much lower than expected:
Option 1 (99%): We are missing your bank transactions where your income is coming in. This means either there the connection to your bank has been disrupted or doesn't exist, and we do not have statements, or we do not have your bank account set up that is receiving the income. 
   1A: In your Income Statement, there is no revenue in any bucket at all for the month. This means we are missing your bank transactions and your compensation statement.
   1B: In your income statement, there is a negative balance in "Other Commission Revenue." This means we have your compensation statement, but not your bank transactions.
   Resolution: Please provide the bank statements and ensure we have you connected. If any compensation statements are missing from the Club Capital Portal, please provide those as well.
Option 2 (1%): There is some error in your financials we need to remedy
   Resolution: We will look into it.
When there is a positive value in "Other Commission Revenue:"
Option 1: You made commissions from the state, FEMA, or another source outside of your primary. 
   Resolution: It is as it should be, unless you did not make any revenue outside of your primary provider. 
Option 2: We have your your bank transactions which show the money was received from your primary company but we do not have your compensation statements.
   Resolution: Please make sure we have all your compensation statements for the month and that the correct documents were uploaded (our bookkeeping team will rename documents that were uploaded with incorrect names)
When there is a balance in "deductions - holding," it tells you that your statement with deductions are missing.