What are some strategic investments that will reduce my tax liability?

Employee Initiatives, Marketing Initiatives, and more!

There are three main ways to use your expenses strategically to reduce your income tax liability:

Employee Initiatives 

    • Bonus employees (70% back)
    • Hire new staff (Office Manager)
    • Coaching for yourself & your team
    • Employee appreciation/trip (especially if they're already maxed out on salary contribution)
    • Employee benefits (front load costs of setting up health insurance or retirement benefits)

Marketing initiatives:

  • Billboard
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Sponsor Athletes/Sports Teams
  • Client Gifts
  • Host An Event (Holiday season is a great time to get your name out)
  • Referral Drive (incentives for client referrals)
  • Pay for marketing for the year upfront


  • Sign up for new CC services (CFO, Tax Planning, Compliance)
  • Building upgrades
  • Buy a vehicle
  • Front load other expenses
  • Building/Rental Property owner's - Cost segregation analysis to increase depreciation
  • Charitable donations (especially holiday related) such as Toys for Tots Food Drive