How to Run a Regular Payroll in Gusto

In this article, we will be learning how easy it is to run a payroll in Gusto.

  1. Click the Run Payroll tab.
  2. Select the pay period you are running and click Run payroll.
    • The check date at the top of the screen is expected direct-deposit pay date.
  3. Adjust salaries—if you have more than one employee, you can use Gusto's search, sort, filter, and bulk edit tools to make administrating payroll(s) easier.
    • Click into the regular hours, overtime, bonus, commission, or other earnings fields to make any adjustments.
    • Click Direct Deposit or Check to change your employee's payment method for this payroll.
    • Click Add personal note to leave a small message on your employee's paystub.
    • Click Save and Continue to move forward or select Clear Changes if you would like to clear out the values you have entered.
    • Click on the "Actions” menu to add or edit one-time deductions (post-tax).
  4. Vacation and sick days
    • Enter vacation or sick hours your employees used during the pay period, if applicable.
    • Click Save and Continue or to move forward or Go Back if you need to adjust salaries.
  5. Review and Submit
    • Check out the preview of the wage and tax debits for your payroll.
    • If you need to make any adjustments click Go Back.
    • If you are ready to run payroll, click Submit Payroll.
  6. Confirmation
    • You did it! You'll receive a confirmation email letting you know that your payroll has processed.
    • If you need to cancel you can do so by clicking Cancel Payroll.