Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers for the most pressing questions today!

What do I do with this tax notice?

  • If it mentions unemployment, quarterly filing, withholding, 941, or anything else payroll related, it should be submitted to your payroll provider.
  • If it is in regards to your income taxes, worker's compensation, excise taxes, or other items, our team will either handle it or provide information/resources for you to handle it depending on your tax subscription here at Club Capital

Where is my ERTC payment?

The IRS is currently backlogged with millions of filings.  If you feel the need to call, you can use this number 800-829-4933.


What do I do with my ERTC payment?

Please provide us with the letter so we can keep accurate records. Also, best practice is to deposit the check into your business account, you can do whatever you wish with it afterwards, but that helps to ensure that it is accounted for correctly.


Where do I upload my documents?

If it is related to your financials at all, they go into the CC Portal.

If it is related to your income taxes (W-2, 1099, 1098, etc) it goes into the Tax Portal.


How do I pay estimated quarterly payments for income taxes?

To make Federal estimated tax payments:
  1. Go to:
  2. Select "Make a Payment"
  3. Reason for Payment is "Estimated Tax"
  4. Apply Payment To "1040ES"
  5. Tax Period for Payment: "2022"
  6. Click continue and use your 2020 or 2019 filed return for the Tax Year for Verification.
To make estimated state income tax payments:
  1. Navigate to the Resources tab on the main Club Capital website and make a one time payment for estimated Individual Income Tax, Tax Year 2022.
Tax Dates: April 18, June 15, September 15, Jan 17
Please upload the receipts into the Tax Portal to help us both keep track.
Why is my bank disconnected?
Banks update their security on a quarterly basis, this often causes breaks in our connections and they just need to be reconnected or authorized.
Who do I talk to about my questions?
Account Manager - Your first go to for any of your needs. We specialize in your finances but have some knowledge in general tax situations as well. We will be able to handle most questions.
Analysts- Your contact for keeping your documents up to date, transactions clarified, and bank accounts connected. They are not resources for tax or financial advice. 
Tax Team- Your resource for tax planning, tax filing, and specific-to-you tax questions/services (may require a tax consultation depending on your tax service level).

Should I do tax planning (compliance package) and CFO services?

Do you want to see what the future has in store? Do you want to maximize your tax benefits and reduce your potential liability? Absolutely, the more prepared you are for the future, the more successful you will be! Please ask your Account Manager for more information.

How do I pay myself?

Paying yourself through owner distributions does not show up in your KPIs or Income Statement because they are not business expenses - they are equity movements, taking money out of the business. Here is a video discussing the nuances of paying yourself plus one on the Balance Sheet.

Here's our Knowledge Base Article on it.

I made an investment (building, vehicle, loan, etc) for the business, do I need to tell you?

Yes, anything that financially relates to your business needs to be tracked, so please let us know and provide your documents!


Should I incorporate?

If you are profiting over 80k in a year, probably yes! Talk with your account manager to see if this is the right choice for you.


How do I download my financial statements?

Step 1: Log into the Club Capital Reporting Platform
Step 2: Click on Analysis at the right of your business name and Xero
Step 3: Select "Financials" in the left task-bar
Step 4: Change "Summary" to "Detailed" -> "Expanded Headings"
Step 5: Adjust time period, comparison, or financial document as desired
Step 6: Click on "Download" in the bottom-left-hand corner of the screen in the left taskbar.
Step 7: Enjoy!
I have also provided a video here to show you how it works in action!